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New VIP Registrations


If you are a new VIP attendee at the Summit, it means you have not previously registered on Accelevents. You will fill out a standard intro form, however you will not be charged for the ticket.

Step 1

Click this link:, and then click the blue "Join Event"button from the landing page.


Step 2

After clicking "Join Event" you will be shown a few ticket options. Select "3-Day All Access: General Registration" and then click on the "Enter Promo Code" link.

VIP Step 2.jpg

Step 3

Enter "VIP21" in the promo code field and click "Apply".

VIP Step 3.jpg

Step 4

Unless you already have a Hopin account, please scroll down and click "Create new account".

VIP Step 4.jpg

Step 5

A pop-up should appear and prompt you to sign up for the event. Make sure you don't have pop-ups blocked in your browser.

When signing up, we recommend you sign up with email (the orange button at the bottom) or through Google.

Either way, remember your login info so you can enter the Summit.


Step 6

Finally, once you sign up, the pop-up should close. If it doesn't close, you can return to the browser window you started on. As a new registrant, you will need to fill out our new registrant form on the left, and then click the "Complete Order" to finished your reservation.

You may receive an email from Hopin asking to confirm your email address to complete your sign up. Please keep a look out for this email.

VIP Step 5.jpg
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