Mikol, Rap artist / storyteller;

Artist spotlight: EPIC International Summit, 2021 |  IG: mikolxmuse

Mikol, Rap artist / storyteller;

Artist spotlight: EPIC International Summit, 2021 |  IG: mikolxmuse


Liberty IMG_0021.JPG

Liberty Worth,

Artist; designer & EPIC Advisory Board member


Since March 2020, Liberty has custom made 1000+ face masks which she donated to the pandemic first-responders, such as doctors and nurses all over the country, as well as indigenous tribes, homeless shelters, dialysis centers with the Red Cross, Foster care social workers and anti-trafficking workers. Purchase one/donate one. Liberty is currently developing a series of 50 art pieces, producing custom design work, and teaching art classes.

Jeffery David

Jeffery David,

Award-winning songwriter, producer & artist manager. Artist Spotlight: EPIC International Summit 2021 & 2020 EPIC Innovation Award honoree.

Laura Del Prato

Laura Del Prato,

Award-winning Art Photographer


Del Prato is a light painting photographer whose work was displayed in the 2018 Light Painting World exhibit in Oviedo, Spain. She is the co-holder of the Guinness World Record for the most light orbs in a single image. As an artist, Del Prato strives to illuminate the magic she sees in the world and inspire others to discover their creativity. 


Celebrating artists of the broader EPIC community



Rap artist / storyteller;

Artist spotlight: EPIC International Summit, '21 IG: @mikolxmuse

Monica Kang

Monica Kang, 

Composer, Designer; Founder, Innovators Box


Melissa Disney

Melissa Disney,  

Emmy nominated actress  & Singer; songwriter



Ragnar Roskinkranz,  Composer, Songwriter, Music & Video Producer 

Johan Andersson

Johan Andersson,

Fine Artist; 


Johan Andersson became the youngest ever artist to be shortlisted for the BP Portrait Award and was named in The Independent’s Top 20 Artists. His work has been exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery, The V&A Museum The Saatchi Gallery, the International Art Market in Basel & Miami, Cutlog in Paris, as well as New York & London.  In 2010 Andersson was selected by Sky Arts as the ‘one to watch’ young British Contemporary Artist to feature on a 6 week Documentary called ‘Art of Survival’ broadcasted 2011.. Andersson was recently selected as one of the Top 100 Most Influential Creatives by TimeOut Magazine.

Bradleypics_Levi -184.jpeg

Bradley Rapier, 

Award-winning Choreographer; Founder, Groove Theory