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Entrepreneurship Resources

What to Bring: Essentials

The following items are required for the event.



Google Chrome is required for the networking portion of the event. It is recommend you only use Chrome for EPIC Summit activities.


Earbuds or Headphones

If you aren't using earbuds, and you are causing echo/feedback, we will have to mute you during the event and you may be removed from networking.

Paper and Pen.jpg

Paper &

This will be used for activities throughout the event

No Phone.jpg

Laptop/Desktop Computer

You will not be able to experience the Summit using a phone. Please take this as an opportunity to "disconnect" from your phone for the event.

What to Bring:
Activity Specific

If you plan on attending any of the following workshops please check the preparation requirements & suggestions

Disrupt your business with science fiction storytelling

In this session the interactive whiteboard tool Mural will be used. It is an easy to use and very intuitive tool. In the session a link will be provided and you can join as a guest and thus there is no need to register. The following browsers are being supported: Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox. Please make sure that you have a current version.


Tell Your Leadership Story

PDF. Reach out to 10-15 people and ask them to share 3 words about you.

LEGO Serious Play

For LEGO- two hand fulls or Play dough cans - three or five small different coloured cans. See pictures. 

Movement Groove Theory

Room to move - at least an 8’ x 6’ space. Participants do not have to be able to dance and this is NOT a dance class. Clothes that aren’t overly restrictive. Three sheets of blank paper, a marker and a pen.


A Recipe for New Ideas!

PDF to download, three pieces of notebook paper, and a pen

Thought Sketching: Learn to Visualize Your Ideas Using the Bikablo® Technique

Download PDF.

Stronger Together by the Sum of Our Differences

Colored Pen/Markers - Blank Paper - Encouraged to complete the free VIA Character Strengths Survey 

Applied Improv (CPS) Let’s Make Stuff Up, But For a Reason

Room to move.

Summit Virtual Map.jpg

Event opens at 7:30 a.m. PST on Thursday Sept. 30th.

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