"I Loved how education, entrepreneurship, education and entertainment were unfolded at a very high level and in playful ways.  It provided access to 'other worlds' and ways of thinking...clearly showing lots of similarities to where ideas can cross-pollinate. Super, super inspiring!"

-Lene Jensby, CEO, Autens; Denmark

The annual EPIC International Summit is an intimate 3-day intensive, providing unique and transformational experiences for global attendees, from a wide spectrum of industries, who gather to grow their creative leadership abilities and expand innovation and social impact in their personal and professional lives. 


The summit is a strategic time for attendees to disconnect from a heavily tech-saturated world, disrupt routine habits and patterns of thought and discover creative insights and innovative tools. Attendees purposefully engage in learning opportunities that activate innovation for complex problem-solving, generate new ideas and connect to genuine community.


All experiences, curated by the EPIC team and led by an international mix of thought-leaders and creativity experts, aligns with the EPIC acronym: Experiential learning, Pause, Ingenuity and Community Engagement.