'Igniting Creativity & Innovation

To Empower Transformation'


EPIC Impact Society, 501c3, is a community of international professionals, from a cross-pollination of industries, who promote creative leadership, ingenuity and social innovation, through arts, experiential learning and humanitarian efforts.. EPIC is an acronym for: Experiential learning, Pause, Ingenuity and Community Engagement.




'Ignite Your Impact!'

EPIC International Summit is an intimate, 3-day summit designed as a strategic time for global attendees, representing a wide-spectrum of industries to disconnect from digital devices, disrupt the status quo, discover new ideas and grow community.


“Creativity and discovery of new insights happen at the intersection of diversity;

from entrepreneurs to actors to university deans, the cross-pollination of attendees fosters an environment ripe for unlocking ingenuity.”     (Dr. Steve Ralph)


Innovative Solutions: Social Impact 

The charitable projects are designed to provide beneficial organizational support for charities and municipalities. Collaborative creativity workshops are formulated to reveal new strategies and foster innovative solutions using proven methodologies for a wide array of organizational challenges.


The customized projects are crafted by the Impact team who serve to support and promote the selected organizations.


Unique Features

Proven innovative methodologies that fully engage workshop participants.


Participants are equipped with tools to continue fostering greater creativity and innovation beyond the workshop.


Strategic resolution items are revealed and poised to ignite action and increase organizational productivity. 

A short promo for the selected beneficiary of an EPIC Impact Project is produced and screened at the EPIC Innovation Awards as a platform to increase awareness.


School On Wheels

The 2019 EPIC Impact Project team guided participating School On Wheels staff members through creative problem solving techniques to help identify new areas of breakthrough in working with their volunteers


Participants were able to learn and share how they each uniquely approach problem solving and how understanding this can help improve team dynamics.

The 2020 EPIC Impact Project is in development with United Way / Home For Good Initiative to benefit the City of Santa Barbara and will be shared at the EPIC International Summit in March.


Experience live interviews at the annual EPIC International Summit with creativity engineers such as a Mars Project Team Manager for NASA, a Walt Disney Imagineer Executive and an award-winning actor.

EPIC Conversations are a series of inspirational interviews with influential leaders across a variety of industries with the goal of uncovering teachable insights on how each professional has used and currently utilizes creativity to be successful. The Conversations are hosted live each summit, and in partnership with Hussian College, curated Conversations are hosted during the year in various locations as well as recorded for the EPIC Podcast.



The EPIC Innovation Awards is an annual celebration and evening of live entertainment

that serve as a platform to honor artists, innovators and social impact charities demonstrating 

the society's core values.


2020 Award Categories: 

Educator, Artist, Ingenuity,

Community Engagement,

Inspiration, Legacy and Impact 

Music, vocals, video by: Ragnar Rosinkranz; vocals: Clare Rosinkranz

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