Innovative Solutions


The charitable EPIC Impact Projects are designed to provide beneficial organizational support to selected charities and municipalities. Collaborative creativity workshops and methodologies are formulated to reveal new strategies and foster innovative solutions for a wide array of organizational challenges.


The customized projects are crafted by the society team and affiliates who are serving with intent to benefit and elevate the selected organizations.

The School On Wheels Project

The 2019 EPIC Impact Project team guided participating School On Wheels staff members through creative problem solving techniques to help identify new areas of breakthrough in working with their volunteers


Participants were able to learn and share how they each uniquely approach problem solving and how understanding this can help improve team dynamics.

The EPIC team provided media support to School On Wheels (501c3) by producing a video promo (above). The promo was screened during the 2019 EPIC Innovation Awards where the charity was honored with the EPIC Educator Award. 

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