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You are invited to one of the most inspiring events in



Disconnect from Technology

Disrupt the status quo

Discover new ideas


a premier location:

 The Music Academy of The West

1070 Channel Dr, Santa Barbara, CA 93108

April 27th  Pre-Summit

April 28 - 29th  Summit

Gather in an intimate setting by the sea

with other creativity thought-leaders, 

entrepreneurs and social innovators:

Spark Creativity

Unlock ingenuity

Gain innovation tools

Enhance creative problem solving

Meet creativity engineers 

Learn entrepreneurial tips

Grow your tribe

Pause from tech-saturation

Ignite professional,

personal and social change

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At our annual international summit, EPIC Impact Society (501c3) provides an immersive opportunity, through Experiential learning, Pause, Ingenuity and Community engagement. 


Attendees purposefully engage in learning opportunities designed to ignite creative leadership that is critical for our increasingly complex world. 


Join a cross-pollination of dynamic experts through interactive experiential sessions, exclusive interviews, focused panels and innovation awards--all designed to inspire and celebrate ingenuity. 

Some of our summit strategic partners & sponsors
(more pending!)

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