Where do you go to experience a live interview with a creative professional such as a Mars Project Team manager for NASA, a Walt Disney Imagineer Executive and a Golden Globe-winning actor?


An EPIC Conversation!

EPIC Conversations are a series of live, inspirational, up-close and personal interviews with influential leaders across a variety of industries with the goal of uncovering valuable insights on how each individual has used and currently utilizes creativity to be successful in their professions. 


Live at the International Summit!


Walt Disney Imagineering;

Chief Design & Project Delivery Executive

Craig Russell

Golden Globe-winning Actor

Ewan McGregor


Mars Project Team Manager; 


Brian K. Muirhead

MARCH 2020 

-stay tuned, more to be added SOON-

John Chester

Emmy-winning Director;

Founder, Apricot Lane Farms;

Filmmaker / Award-winning

Feature Documentary (2019)

'The Biggest Little Farm'

Chris Denson

CEO, Crush Industries;

Host, 'Innovation Crush' Podcast

(750K+ subscribers)

Innovation Expert, Author,

"Crushing the Box"


Elliot Rudell

CEO, Rudell Design;

International Product

Designer & Developer;

Award-Winning Toy Inventor

and Licensor

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